Gathering and safely disposing of tumbleweeds

Burning tumbleweeds

In Arizona we get a lot of our rain for the year in just a couple of months during the 'Monsoons'. These rains usually occur around June and July. During this time grass and weeds can grow at an unbelievable rate. If not cut and mowed frequently they will take over. One weed prevalent here is the tumbleweed. Tumbleweeds are a roundish plant that detaches from its roots when mature. They then roll around in the wind and drop seeds. The dry thorny tumbleweeds accumulate in yards and along fence lines. This is a bit of an eyesore and a fire hazard.

Tumbleweeds can be hard to dispose of

When they are young you can chop them down at their base with a shovel easily enough. When they are full grown they can be a little harder to deal with. They are fairly large and really don’t weigh very much. Getting them into a trailer and hauling them away can be very tricky. There is usually too many for just one trip. They just don’t want to stay put. Mulching them doesn’t work well either. They get stuck in the shoot of the mulcher. The best bet is to burn them. Burning tumbleweeds is often times a lengthy process. An area of the yard has to be cleared for a safe burning pile to be located. Appropriate burn permits have to be pulled. The tumbleweeds have to be gathered and carried to the burn pile. Usually you can’t gather them all at once to burn them; the fire would be too large. That and they like to blow away. You have to burn them a few at a time. Additionally, even though tumbleweeds burn very fast they don’t stay lit for long. The fire has to be attended too, often. You should never burn in windy conditions. All you need is for a flaming tumbleweed to go rolling across your property setting everything ablaze. You should also have a garden hose and a bucket full of water handy while burning, just in case. Sound like a lot of work?

We can help

Gathering and safely disposing of tumbleweeds is one yardwork service we provide. Call us to have your property cleared and mowed.